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Psychodiagnostic Assessment


We provide psycho-diagnostic assessments to children, adolescents, and adults. 

The Process

At Psychology West, we provide comprehensive psychological assessments in order to provide diagnostic clarification of presenting difficulties. Sometimes, individuals are seeking clarification of psychological diagnoses, mental health functioning, or a targeted treatment plan. Sometimes, these assessments are for patients’ own knowledge and clarification of what they are experiencing; other times, they are meant to guide treatment with another practitioner, such as a psychotherapist, family physician, or another professional collaborating in improving an individual’s overall mental health. 


The depth and scope of these assessments is an individualized process; however, in general, you can expect your clinician to collect a complete history, administer relevant questionnaires and testing, and complete a semi-structured clinical interview (usually spanning 2 sessions). Your clinician will consider your unique strengths and challenges in coping with your current and past distress. At times, consultation with other professionals is requested in order to provide a more complete understanding of your mental health history and general functioning. Clients are then provided with general impressions, any psychological diagnoses, a case formulation of contributing factors, and some possibilities for potential treatments in collaboration with you. A letter, summarizing relevant findings, is available depending on your needs and preferences. 

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