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Assessment & Therapy

Our Approach

Providing Psychological Services in Psychoeducational Assessment, Diagnosis, and Therapy

We believe in providing our clients with comprehensive psychoeducational assessments in order to allow them to achieve to their fullest potentials. We provide learning assessments that consider the entire individual in order to better understand their strengths, challenges, and unique learning style. We provide realistic, evidence-based recommendations in order to allow our clients to achieve success. 

Our therapy services are based on empirically-supported techniques that are supported by modern scientific evidence.


We are proud to serve Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley. We have plenty of free parking and easy access from Hwy. 417. 

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Why Naturopathy

Why Psychology West?


Intellectual giftedness. High IQ. Associated Challenges (processing speed, 

perfectionism, anxiety)

Attentional Differences

Focus. Distractibility. Hyperactivity. Impulsivity. Emotional Control. Procrastination. Organization & Planning. 


Low Mood. Low self-esteem. Negative thoughts. Self-criticalness. Pessimism. Low Motivation. Loss of Interest. 

Learning-style Differences

Academic performance not matching intellect. Difficulties reading, writing, math, oral language, memory, processing speed. Dyslexia. Dysgraphia. Dyscalculia. 

Pencil and notepad

Worry. GAD. Panic. Social anxiety. Phobias. Excessive Fear.   


Stress. Coping Techniques. Adjustment difficulties. Support. Self-care. 

Our Services

Our Services

Checking Text on a Document

Psychoeducational Assessment

Bussinessman in Modern Office



"You can't go back and change the beginning,

but you can start where you are

and change the ending." 

— C.S. Lewis

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Please note, we take the privacy of our clients seriously. Email is not regarded as a secure form of communication. Should you wish to communicate with us using an alternative method, please telephone us and we will assist you with this process. 


(613) 271-8889

350 Palladium Drive, Suite 100 Kanata, ON, K2V 1A1

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